Expanding Client Relationships Beyond Leads

Here’s the scenario: your company has been working with a client for years, providing quality leads and producing amazing results. The relationship is rock solid, and you see the opportunity to expand your service offerings to drive additional results. How do you ask the question?

For Higher Ed Growth, we have had great success expanding client relationship beyond lead generation and management – some clients have even starting using our team as its agency of record.

Do Your Research

In the inquiry generation industry, the first step to expand products and services is to conduct marketing analysis. This includes finding out what markets already exist, what they need and seek, what products they currently offer and what can be developed and improved. Figure out what the problem is, find a solution and utilize company strengths to execute it. Companies have an innovative technological platform have the upper hand because it gives the opportunity to revolutionize lead management.

Be Detail Oriented

When creating and expanding solutions, ensure there is a detail-oriented precision in every step taken. Put in the extra effort to make sure that the solution is effective, compliant and easy to use. The big picture is made up of small details, and that attention to detail will be what really amazes clients. Use research to understand the client’s process and tailor the solution to not only fit current clients, but to also predict future client needs as well.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Stay in constant communication with the team on the development of the solution, and involve people from all parts of the company, which can gain insight into problems and improvements. Ask questions to understand what is working and learn about opportunities to improve. This two-way dialogue will also encourage clients to report back, allowing you to adjust the campaign as you go.

Being an exemplary partner means going beyond performing with excellence. Creating innovative ways to strengthen a client’s marketing efforts and improving inquiry quality is key. Take the time to broaden the relationship with the client into a trusted and respected partnership by having open discussions about their needs, and over time, strong products and innovative services can improve the client’s business processes to reach their goals.

The bottom line is that it is vital to not only maintain relationships with clients, but to also build them into successful partnerships. Companies that strive to improve the effectiveness of its services, including creative services, accountability, compliance and detailed data, often have the best marketing strategies and approaches – and reap the benefits of retaining long-term, satisfied clients.

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