Infographic: Targeting Students for In-Demand Trades


The gap between available skilled jobs and the talent pool continues to widen. It is particularly visible within the trade sectors. So when it comes to a changing business climate, trade roles hold a great deal of opportunity for the next generation of students and those seeking a new career path.

For higher education institutions, trade programs deserve a spotlight. And it’s important to properly target student audiences best fit for this well-paying path. Here are some of some of the in-demand trades and opportunities to engage students in career and technical education (CTE).

In-Demand Trades & the Skills Gap

With automation and next-generation technologies entering the space, trade jobs are becoming increasingly more technical. A lack of proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills in many trade sectors has caused a skills mismatch.

Click the image below to enlarge the infographic and see the status of the skills gap in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and other such industries. Learn which demographics have interest in trade careers and how Inquir’s Enrollment Advisor can help you reach and enroll more students in trade school programs.

 Inquir In-Demand Trades Infographic Enrollments