Sun Devil 100 2020: Inquir Named a Fastest-Growing Company

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Tempe, Ariz. – September 17, 2020 – CEO Frank Healy and COO Eric Flottmann, two co-founders of Inquir, were named to the “Sun Devil 100 Class of 2020.” The Sun Devil 100 2020 celebrates the achievements of Arizona State University alumni who own or lead innovative businesses across the globe. The award, sponsored by the ASU Alumni Association, highlights the top 100 fastest-growing Sun Devil businesses and local leadership.

Sun Devil 100: The 2020 Event

Healy and Flottmann were amongst the Sun Devil leaders celebrated at the virtual induction ceremony on Thursday, September 17, 2020. This is the fourth nomination for Healy and third nomination for Flottmann. They were previously honored for their leadership at Higher Ed Growth. In 2019, Higher Ed Growth rebranded to Inquir.

Sun Devil 100 2020_ Previous Higher Ed Growth Honors
Sun Devil 100 honors throughout the years.
Sun Devil 100: The 2020 Criteria

To be considered for the Sun Devil 100, alumni must own or lead a company for a minimum of three years. The business must also generate revenues upward of $250,000 within a calendar year. In addition, it must make a positive economic, social and cultural impact on its community and operate with integrity. Of those meeting the requirements, the ASU Alumni Association selects and ranks the top 100 fastest-growing companies for the Sun Devil 100 list.

Sun Devil 100: Honorees By the Numbers
Arizona State University Alumni Sun Devil 100 2020
Sun Devil-owned businesses make a significant impact on a local, national and global scale. Source: ASU Alumni Association

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About the ASU Alumni Association

Sun Devil 100 celebrates the achievements of Arizona State University alumni who own or lead successful, innovative businesses across the globe. Spanning industries and locations, ASU entrepreneurs possess a history of enterprise, vision and leadership. This special awards program was instituted to invite these innovative leaders back to campus for a celebration in their honor. The Sun Devil Class of 2020 is an elite group of talented business leaders who exemplify the spirit of ASU as the New American University. For more information on the ASU Alumni Association and the Sun Devil 100 Class of 2020, visit .

About Inquir

Inquir, formerly Higher Ed Growth, specializes in cross-platform media campaigns that provide high-quality, high-intent leads across different verticals, including education, healthcare, loans, legal, home services, and more. The Inquir team is comprised of experienced media professionals and is focused on generating qualified prospects and sales through tailored campaigns that meet unique business needs and objectives. Founded in 2007, the company’s growth has also earned it a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the nation for 2014, 2015, 2016. To learn more about Inquir’s services and solutions, visit