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Infographic: Targeting Students for In-Demand Trades

The gap between available skilled jobs and the talent pool continues to widen. It is particularly visible within the trade sectors. So when it comes to a changing business climate, trade roles hold a great deal of opportunity for the next generation of students and those seeking a new career path.
Here are some of the in-demand trades and opportunities to engage students in career and technical education (CTE).

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Infographic: How to Drive Successful Enrollment

How Enrollment Advisor Can Drive Successful Enrollment & a Better Student Experience Inquir’s Enrollment Advisor is a digital-first, direct-to-consumer approach to enrollment marketing and EDU lead generation. Enrollment Advisor gives prospective students access to thousands of schools nationwide and strategically nudges high-quality leads toward successful enrollment. With a robust EDU […]

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Enrollment Advisor

Infographic: Introducing Enrollment Advisor

Inquir Offering a New Way to Drive High-Quality EDU Leads The higher education industry is headed in a new direction. Student demographics are changing. Student expectations are shifting. It’s important for institutions and EDU marketers to embrace and stay ahead of the trends. Inquir’s Enrollment Advisor is the newest way […]

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